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Along the Braddock Road

by Will H. Lowdermilk

Along The Braddock Road begins with the history of the western Maryland region in the early 1700's, beginning with the white man's first penetration into this vast wilderness. The earliest written or oral history of the indigenous people begins in 1728 at the Indian town of Caiuctucuc near what was to become Cumberland, Maryland.

The inhabitants of this region were a portion of the Shawnee tribe. The earliest permanent white man's activity begins with the surveying of a 915 acre track at the mouth of Jenning's Run by Colonel Thomas Cresap. Later Jenning's Run would become Will's Creek, in honor of Indian Will, the town's namesake, and would appear on the official 1751 map as Caiuctucuc Creek.

The first official government venture into the region and westward into the Pennsylvania frontier came at the request of Governor Dinwiddie to reconnoiter French intentions and activity. To carry out this order, he chose 21-year-old George Washington who would then hire Christopher Gist who lived on Will's Creek, as his guide. That winter's journey into western Pennsylvania to confront the French would conclude with Washington's capitulation at Fort Necessity in 1754. Washington's Journal of this expedition is an important part of this book.

The subsequent building of Fort Cumberland, the build-up of British forces and activity that culminated with Braddock's defeat on July 9, 1755, are the subject of the remainder of the book. Many lesser known, but important facts about the preparation and commencement of the Braddock Expedition fill the remainder pages of this book. A truly fascinating and fact-filled book for your F&I library.

320 pages, hardback, the printing is limited to 1,000 copies



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