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Clark Manuscripts: Aboriginal History of the Susquehanna

  Edited by Louise Welles Murray

Clark Manuscripts Aboriginal History of the SusquehannaThe 17th and 18th Century of the Native Tribes that inhabited the land in and around the Susquehanna River region is a subject hard to find. Luckily, a lifetime of research by noted 19th Century archaeologist and student of Susquehanna River Indian history General John S. Clark, is the perfect resource for students of Pennsylvania Indian history. Fortunately, the intrinsic value of Clark’s work on the aboriginal history of the Susquehanna is further enhanced by renowned Indian scholar Louise Wells Murray as she carefully edited and annotated hundreds of pages of Clark’s notes, letters and maps from his 19th Century research. The result is a very sophisticated treatment of the aboriginal history of the Native peoples in the Susquehanna River Basin from late prehistoric times until the Colonial American period.

The three major parts of this book are divided into the Carantouan Indian Village sites (Part I), the history of the Huron-speaking race of Iroquoian stock, The Andastes (Part II), and Notes on Indian Names and Susquehannock Forts along the Susquehanna (Part III). From Champlain, to the early Jesuits and the likes of Zeisberger, Weiser, and Joseph Brant, comes many fascinating tidbits of history that help us to understand the Susquehanna’s early history and more importantly, the reactions of the Indians to European incursion into their homelands.

The most rewarding part of this book however may be the collection of 13 early maps. These maps help locate areas of early Indian habitation along the Susquehanna River, with the most important maps showing locations of Indian towns noted by Clark in red. A fitting conclusion to Clark’s Manuscripts is a most helpful phonetic pronunciation guide to the many Indian place names noted and used in his manuscripts.

Originally published in 1931, includes 13 pages of maps with locations of Indian towns along the Susquehanna, with a special section of 5 maps showing locations and names of noted Indian towns in red print, Limited edition hardback, 6” x 9”, 150 pgs., $39.95.
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