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Curse of the Tomahawk - Colonel Hartley's 1778 expedition against the Six Nations

  by James B Miller $15.99  

Curse of the Tomahawk book by James MillerJames Miller's Curse of the Tomahaw book is a historical narrative of the upper regions of Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War. It's a terrific account of the roots of the American nation and tells of the people forming the great American spirit which in turn would conquer and settle a continent.

Curse of the Tomahawk is a true story of how people invaded and decimated by the British Empire and their Indian allies literally rise from the ashes of defeat and strike out against their brazen foe just a few short months after their total defeat in the Battle of Wyoming in 1778. They turn, reform and advance against their enemies, the mighty British Empire whose ranks include some Wyoming men; friends, neighbors and brothers now turned against their own, and the mighty and fierce Iroquois Confederacy, the greatest of all the North American Tribes. Come read of their true story, a story defining the American spirit.

James Miller resides in Gettysburg where he is a Licensed Battlefield Guide. He is a veteran of the United States Navy and is currently working on another Revolutionary War novel about the Wyoming Valley. He's also an avid history buff who joined a revolutionary war reenactment group around Wilkes-Barre and the upper reaches of the Susquehanna River.

Paperback, 2009, 360 pages, index, $15.99.
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