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The Pennsylvania and New York Frontier:
History from 1720 to the close of the Revolution

  by William Brewster SALE PRICE $29.95  

Pennsylvania and New York State history from 1720 to the American Revolution In as much as no connected and complete history of the Pennsylvania and New York frontier had been published at the time this book was published, the author William Brewster undertook to write its history in 1954. In early 18th century New England, adjoining townships, fully organized at the time of settlement with churches and schools, were closely-knit together, insuring their mutual support and protection. To the south, the large plantations of Virginia were located along lowland rivers and afforded easy access, communication and European luxuries. Only across the mountains in the western parts of the colonies was there a real wilderness frontier where the frontiersmen could only depend on themselves. Many were so poor, that without horse or cow, they made their way into secluded mountain coves and squatted in cabins without windows or floor. Here they raised or hunted what they ate, made what they wore, doctored themselves, and worshipped their creator alone if at all. The sun rarely penetrated the dense foliage to warm the ground beneath, but the hardships of the wilderness made these pioneers strong and this is their story on the Pennsylvania and New York frontier.

Interesting topics in Mr. Brewster’s book include the Susquehanna Indian town of Shamokin, The Great Lancaster Treaty of 1744, Frontier Forts like Ticonderoga, the Albany Congress and Susquehanna Purchase, Sir William Johnson, Frances Slocum, The Wyoming and Cherry Valley Massacres, and the Sullivan Expedition.

Hardback, 237 pp., extensive footnotes, was $39.95, now $29.95
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