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North Mountain Mementos

  by Henry Shoemaker $44.95  

North Mountain Mementos book by Henry Shoemaker Our early Pennsylvania history is a collection of both oral traditions, passed down through the generations, and the written word recorded by early settlers, as they became literate and capable writers. Like it or not, most of what historians call factual history had its basis in some form of oral traditions that was passed down through family histories. Thus it behooves us as readers of early history to take the time to read and examine the personal accounts of legends and tales from the many oral traditions recorded by the best in the annals of Pennsylvania history, Henry S. Shoemaker.

Henry W. Shoemaker wrote over 100 books and articles about Pennsylvania oral histories and his North Mountain Mementos brings you 21 stories straight from the Pennsylvania frontier. We enjoy a lengthy and interesting account of Chief Cornplanter and Handsome Lake as they spend time in the Wyoming Valley. We suffer with Skanando, a Cayuga by birth an Indian philosopher by choice, dying in prison at Ft. Augusta for a crime he didnít commit. The West Branch of the Susquehanna comes alive with white settlers traveling and homesteading on this new frontier, amidst Buffalo hunters, hunting feuds and bountiful harvests. The Pennsylvania panther screams one last time in chapter XIV. And you'll read the story of Chief Loganís long, lost daughter, unbeknownst to him and how little Letty Loganís presence still echoes through the mountains and valleys of Central Pennsylvania today.

Hardback, 400 pages, originally published in 1920, limited to 1,000 copies, $44.95
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