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Original painting by John Buxton

Lewis, Gone for Breakfast: April 7, 1805
by Jerry Bingham


Size: 12" x 16"
Medium: Oil
Price: $2,400.00


About the painting:

"...we dismissed the barge and crew with orders to return without loss of time to S. Louis..." "...as I had used no exercise for several weeks, I determined to walk on shore as far as our encampment of this evening..." - Meriwether Lewis.

The crew had spent the winter months in the Mandan village. They were all itching to get back on the river. Knowing how problematic that big keelboat was on the first leg of the journey, Lewis decided to send it back to St. Louis and Thomas Jerrerson with all the cargo, "discoveries," they'd picked up thus far.

The remainder of the expedition continued on in smaller pirogues and canoes for as long as the river provided. Few easterners had ever travelled this far up river, and this is the point where they left all existing maps behind.


About the artist:

“A personal love of history began at an early age, almost as early as my love of art. So it was quite natural to find a direction for my work.” Jerry Bingham is a relatively new name to the world of Western Fine Art, though he has been an Award-Winning illustrator for several decades. “The Art comes first in importance, but also I see myself as a storyteller. I need to have a reason for approaching each canvas, and as I work out my preliminary sketches, deciding line, color, composition, and all the things I hope will make a good painting, I also ask myself, what story am I trying to tell and how best to convey that story, like text and subtext. How much should be stated outright and how best to use that composition to reflect the emotion I am trying to pass along to the audience.”

A short stint at American Academy of Art in Chicago. Valuable workshops with some of his favorite artists like Robert Abbott, Neil Boyle, and Harley Brown. And in between, nearly forty years experience as an award winning illustrator and art director for Walt Disney Imagineering.




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