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Original art by Nick Serratore

A Walk in the Clouds
by Robert Flowers, Jr.



Image size: 16" x 26"
Overall framed size: 28" x 38"
Medium: watercolor
Price: $1,950.00
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About the artist:

"As an artist working in the medium of water color on paper, I believe it is important to have a strong drawing ability and an intimate knowledge of the subject matter. I make detailed drawings and paint numerous miniature studies on location in an effort to capture the immediacy of the moment and better familiarize myself with the subject and the effects that quickly changing light may have on the object of my focus.

From my sketches and small studies I am able to glean enough information to do larger and more involved works in my studio. Keeping a simple palette I utilize various water color techniques including multiple washes, glazes, lifting and dry brush. I often exaggerate the contrasts, textures and colors in an effort to create a realistic painting that is strong in design and contains the elements of volume, depth, atmosphere and light. I apply thin washes of gesso to certain areas of the paper where I want to create a brighter sense of light. The gesso seals the paper while at the same time leaves a slight tooth to the paper which enables my ability to maintain the brightness of the initial application of the pigment to the paper. The juxtaposition of strong shadows across these bright areas creates a sense of penetrating light."

Robert Flowers, Jr. lives in North Carolina.





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