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Shawn Webster Bag

Quilled flap Bag and Horn Set
by Shawn Webster & Ken Bueche


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Item#: SW214

Large single pocket bag with quilled flap. Complete with horn and knife with attached sheath, and brass measure. Follow the link above for more detailed photos.

Dimensions & Price:

Bag length (w/o strap): 12"
Width: 11"
Price: $1,650.00
Inventory reduction internet price: $1,275.00 (shipping included in continental US)
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About the artist Shawn Webster:

Utah native, Shawn Webster grew up with a deep interest in American Indians and the history of America. At age 19 he began his current career of creating contemporary art based on the culture of the North American Indian, specifically the art form of quillwork. Nearly a lost art among the today's natives, working with porcupine quills to adorn buckskin items is a centuries old art developed in America by Woodland Indians. The artform is still carried on today due to a resurgence of interest among artists and collectors, both Indian and non-Indian.

Using natural materials, (porcupine quills, sinew, natural dyes, and brain tanned buckskin) indigenous to the time period, Shawn Webster creates one of a kind masterpieces in this unique medium. His art is collected internationally by collectors and historical institutions. In addition to his expertise with the art of quillwork, Shawn's interest in American history has led him to do extensive research of the western fur trade era of the early 1800s which has resulted in his writing articles for various publications and publishing a book on the clothing of the mountain man. His knowledge of the history of the period and the clothing of the fur trappers has also resulted in his modeling for several nationally known historical artists


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