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Artwork by Robert Griffing


Respect for the Ancient Ones by Robert Griffing


  125 signed and numbered canvas prints
Image Size: 16" x 20"
Price: $400.00
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  About the painting:  

The artist writes, "I’ve always had a love for big trees, and 3 trips to Sequoia National Park is proof of that. The truth of the matter is, here in the east during the 18th century we had trees that were just as big in diameter, and they were the Sycamore. The largest of these trees would be found close to the river banks. The tree in the painting is about average for the time but many were twice that size. Years ago I did a painting called “We Dined in a Cottonwood Tree” (a misidentification of a Sycamore). The title phrase was written by Father Bonecomp who was on the Celeron expedition in 1749. He writes in his journal that 29 men sat side by side inside the tree and had dinner. He also states that this tree is not uncommon and they are always hollow. There are many stories from Natives and frontiersmen who tell of taking shelter in these trees during hunting trips and also using them as temporary dwellings while their cabin is being built. As an artist who paints this time period , it gives me great pleasure to be able to record their existence. As they no longer exist.

The painting depicts Ottawa warriors paying their respects to this ancient river bank giant who has beckoned them ashore to camp beneath its magnificent canopy."


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