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The Stillness of a Woodland Pool
by David Wright


Most fishermen appreciate the time spent quietly trying to entice a fish to come to their bait. It might have been the same in many ways for the North American Indian. The diffference is that today we mostly fish for pleasure, where with the past Native culture, providing food for their family was of more importance. During the pursuit of game, whether it is hunting or fishing, the one thing that most always accompanies the quest is the quietness of the surroundings.

Indians used different methods to gather fish: trapping with weirs, using handmade hooks and gigs, and each method required a different approach. One of the most challenging is using a gig, which requires skill, patience, and stillness. Frozen and poised, this Indian awaits just the right moment to attempt the thrust which could bring him food for his family. Regardless of the serious nature of his quest, it can't be helped but think the parallels of today's fisherman may not be too different than those of yesterday; the enjoyment of the challenge of the hunt - and the quiet stillness that accompanies it.



150 signed and numbered canvas prints
Image Size: 22" x 30"
Price: $500.00
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