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Bonnie Marris

Undivided Attention by Bonnie Marris


Morning on Honey Creek by Bonnie Marris

  It’s no mystery to Bonnie Marris as to why a red fox is always smiling. “They live in a world of enchantment,” she says. A radiant animal with a mind to match, he is keenly aware of every sight, sound and smell native or foreign to his magical forest realm. His reputations as a sly hunter or a cunning trickster are simply additional layers of his complex personality.

The morning sun dancing off the creek and bathing the fox in a warm glow are distinctively a style and palette all her own, making a Marris painting identifiable from across the room. Art of the West, in recognizing her singular blend of realistic and impressionistic technique observed, “. . . she wants the best of both worlds and seems to be finding it.”

"Morning on Honey Creek" is a distinctive work from one of the most important artists painting today. This Fine Art Edition Canvas was created with the same passion and attention to craft that Marris puts into giving life to this jewel in the forest.



Edtion size: 75 signed and numbered canvas prints
Image Size: 15" x 30"
Price: $425.00
(sold out print. We have one remaining in stock)
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