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David Wright

David WrightDavid Wright, a Nashville based artist, periodically departs the 20th century for destinations in the 18th and 19th centuries. He travels back to the raw and often savage American frontier of the fur traders, trappers, the long hunters and mountain men. Davidís vision of the American frontiersman, his knowledge of their clothing, equipment and, most of all his understanding of their character and personality is the product of a life long fascination with the history of his chosen period. He is an avid "buckskinner" and often ventures into the wilderness to recreate for himself the world of the American frontier. It is here, while living off the land, hunting with black powder rifles and bivouacking in primitive campsites that David Wrightís love of history and his art come together. Accuracy in the faithful rendering of historcial artifacts plus a compassionate understanding of the hardships and pleasures of life on the frontier makes David Wrightís work something to see.


Beyond the Settlements
Into the Light
Crossing the Opening

  Beyond the Settlements   Into the Light   Crossing the Opening  
  The Bear Skin   Dusk on Henry's Fork   Early Morning Departure  
  A Sound in the Silence   Warm Camp, Good Dog   In the Shadow of Karl Bodmer  
  Quiet Day   When Time Slows Down   The Hunters  
  Guardians of the Homestead   Hunter's Moon   Honored Warrior  
  Beneath the Silent Canopy   Moving Camp   Tight Spot  
  Unnoticed Observers   Too Long in the Mountains   An Opening in the Forest  
  A Moment Away   Nature's Refuge   A Well Deserved Repose  
  Welcome to Crow Country   Bent's Fort Arrival   Considering the Consequences  
  Coming in Under a Full Moon   Long Way from Home
  Edge of the Old Fields  
  Nothing But a Hunter   When Distant Dust Could Mean Trouble   Someone is Wondering Why He Don't Write  
Out of the Opening
Preparing for the Dance
Caught Off Guard
The Cold Gray Fog of Dawn
Waiting for the Letup
The Still Hunt
Stillness of a
Woodland Pool
When Times are Good
Among the Big Hickories
The Captives
Far Beyond the Settlements

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